Barney Frank does not represent me . . .

So, now Barney Frank is the poster boy (ugh, I mean tired old queen) of gay politics?
Barney Frank Lashes Out

Is this the same guy who hid his gay identity until he was outed by a male prostitute who happened to be running a prostitution ring from Frank’s apartment?

Who opposed marriage equality?

Frank believes in playing it safe, playing the middle. Frank beleives we should be grateful for the crumbs that should come are way. Just don’t make waves. F*#% THAT!

Barney, do us a favor go back to your closet and your male prostitutes. Let proud, openly gay, lesbian, and yes transgendered folks fight for equality. We will fight not a fractions, but as a whole community who refuse to accept anything less than the same rights of any other citizen of this country.

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