Gay Exorcism? Ugh, just another week over the rainbow

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One thought on “Gay Exorcism? Ugh, just another week over the rainbow

  • Great interview and article!

    I had the pleasure of doing this tour with Trevor back in 1997 while visiting San Fran. I’m sorry to hear about her passing, but it’s great to read that someone has filled her shoes.

    I have 2 great memories of the tour… we arrived at the Castro Theatre at the same time as Dame Edna’s limo pulled up. This was her first ever trip to San Fran as well and she posed for pictures with our little group.

    The second cherished memory was the tour ending at the office of the AIDS Quilt where we were able to view several of the original first panels. Wow…. I haven’t thought about that in a long time! Somber way to end the tour, but very impactful.

    Mike Owen

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