Cotton States Gay Rodeo Association (Alabama)

Howdy All,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rick Vaughn and I am the President of the newly forming gay rodeo association here in Alabama: Cotton States Gay Rodeo Association (CSGRA) We will be doing fun filled events all year long like Indoor play days, Country dances, BBQ’s, Trail rides. Once we are seated by IGRA {International Gay Rodeo Association} that will happen next November in Reno, Nevada at IGRA Convention. Then we will be able to produce a full rodeo.

Our hopes are to have a rodeo by 2012 The propose of the rodeo is to educate, entertain, and raise much needed funds for other 501(c)(3) organizations We are looking for persons interested in joining our association. And as always you don’t have to own or even to know how to ride a horse to be part of our association. And with your paid membership you can be as active as you like.

Membership is $35.00/single $65.00/couple the first year and $25/50 thereafter yearly. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at ricster99@.. . and I will forward you a membership application. Help us build a association so we can show the world how we rodeo in Bama!

Cowboy up!!!!!!!!

Your President
Rick Vaughn

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