National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition

The National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition began as a collective of black men that convened a meeting at the HIV Prevention Leadership Conference in June 2005, where the disclosure that 46 % of young black gay men in five major cities were HIV positive.  In August 2005,  an organizing body of men who would later become the founding members of the National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition, participated in the African American MSM consultation hosted by the CDC. It was clear that the process would require a coordinated process from various regions throughout the United States where the incidence rate was greatest among Black Men.


In January 2006, People of Color in Crisis Executive Director Gary English and Evelyn G. Williams organized a retreat in Miami, Florida. Through the collective efforts of those present at the retreat, a mission, vision, core values and scope of work was developed for the National Black Gay Advocacy Coalition. A Task Force was formed to specifically address bylaws, structures and so forth. The National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition is principally a policy driven coalition of organizations and members are committed to saving the lives of Black Men.

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