Another Gay Week

TAKE ACTION! The Marriage Amendment in Pennsylvania is Back

Save those on the fringes, it’s hard to believe anyone could think that debating, yet again, a state constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage is a good idea. And yet there are some state senators who want to do this dance again. Senator John Eichelberger of Blair County has introduced Senate Bill 707, which would codify discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community into our state constitution, Pennsylvania’s “declaration of rights.” We’ve defeated this effort twice before, in 2006 and 2008. Are you ready to….

Trans Bathroom Scare Smear used against Gay Gainesville, FL Candidate

Readers may remember last year’s battle in Gainesville, Florida where anti-LGBT forces came together…. The fierce battle at the ballot box included tons of odious transphobic statements, mailers, and commercials, yet the anti-LGBT forces were defeated, thanks in large part to the great campaign run by the equality advocates in…

Rep. Nancy ‘Anal Sex in Schools’ Elliott: Liar, Liar…

New Hampshire Representative Nancy Elliott became youtube/Sally Kern famous last week when she gave a detailed rant on gay male sex and made the ridiculous claim ….

“GayAsylum” Advocate Lauds ‘Haram Iran’ : London Calling

Omar Kuddus, a prominent human rights advocate in the forefront of the United Kingdom’s ‘GayAsylum’ , has praised Chicago attorney Jay Paul Deratany’s play ‘Haram Iran’, which depicts the true story of two Iranian youths slated for execution for the ‘crime’ of homosexuality in 2005 Tehren. Kuddus, who has taken on the British government before the British House of Lords, as in this noted case fights on behalf of Iranians who face execution upon deportation.

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