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The potential of the Internet is impossible to ignore. e-Commerce is far and away the fastest growing and most exciting retail channel. And it’s here to stay.

We rely on a wide range of quality suppliers to provide our organization with the goods and services essential to our business.

We realize that the landscape of e-Commerce can be unfamiliar when compared to traditional retail outlets. However, The Twisted Bear is as real as any brick-and-mortar store. We are committed to ethically and professionally conducting business. Our team of buyers will work with you directly to build a mutually beneficial relationship – one that protects the integrity of your brand, your product and your product’s value.

The Twisted Bear was founded in 2004.  We are committed to being the premier source of leather and bear products.  Through direct-to-consumer online shopping, we offer a much broader selection than stores or catalogs can.

Leather Community

Hilary Clinton talked about community in her book “It Takes a Village”. The title comes from an African proverb which states that “It takes a village to raise a child.” This oft- repeated adage expresses the belief that it takes more than parents to raise a child. Grandparents, friends, pastors, teachers, coaches, Scout leaders, and many others in the community all have a role in the lives of our children.

We believe this concept holds true in all aspects of community. While it is important to have the support of family and friends, it is equally important to find support from those we can identify with. These include those who have shared and overcome the same daily trials and tribulations that we face and those who are willing to expose their darker moments and share what allowed them to carry on. Often, all we need to hear is the simple phrase, “You felt that way, too?” By hearing someone else tell our story, we realize that we are not alone.

At The Twisted Bear, we want to be the conduit to that community. We want to create a safe space to be exactly who you are, to share your joys, to commiserate over challenges of day to day living and to exchange helpful and productive hints. Our mission is to:

  • provide space & programs that welcome the entire leather community & our allies;
  • unite our community across lines of age, race, gender and economics;
  • give visibility to the history, culture and diversity of our community;
  • nurture new content, products and programs to meet emerging community needs.
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