Seasons of Pride
A little bit queer – stories from the LGBTQI Community

Gay Calendar November 2016

International LGBT events including circuit parties, gay pride, queer film festivals and so much more! Jan – Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul | Aug | Sept | Oct | Nov – Dec Out in the Open – OUTintheOPEN is Shepparton’s newest festival celebrating community diversity. It was developed to address some of the inequalities faced by the[…]


Pride Calendar October 2016

LGBT Pride Dates, Film Festivals, Leather Weekends and other events throughout the International Gay Community. Mr Fetish Germany – As a member of the LFC we discharge of Rheinfetisch the honor together with the Association FGC NRW this year’s delegates meeting here in Cologne. In addition to the meeting there will be an extensive program, which will[…]

Folsom Street East 2015

Acceptable Behavior

Many suggest that events like Folsom Street hurt the “gay movement.”  If advancing the gay movement is about adhering to the ideals of others, then count me out.  Here is a old blog post from following Dore Alley that you might enjoy.  Remember, live life on your own terms! Acceptable Behavior This past weekend was[…]

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Queer Clean & Sober Tattoo Artist

Recently, we sat down with Brody Polinsky in Berlin.  We talked about his journey as a queer, clean & sober tattoo artist. Originally post on Bear Riker’s Berlin Why did you feel the need for a queer safe space? I have tattooed in a lot of other dynamics and spaces, even gay, yet never been[…]


Spencer Reed Life After Porn

Berlin is a pretty gay city, but it’s still impressive to run into a porn star on the U-Bahn.  Even more impressive when it’s Spencer Reed.  We caught up with Spencer far from the drama of the porn world to chat about “retirement.” Originally posted in Bear Riker’s Berlin Spencer Reed Life After Porn Are[…]


Not your Daddy’s Leather Daddy

Recently, I had the change to sit down with Gauge Strongarm.  I’ve know Gauge for awhile now, but when he won the SF Leather Daddy Contest and in his acceptance speech described what the title met to him, I knew there was a story I wanted to share with you.  I asked Gauge last year[…]

A New Start  - Ray's Story

A New Start – Ray’s Story

Recently, we were contacted by Ray. Ray is transgender and living in a small town.  He is reaching out in hopes of a little help to start a new life. Ray recently met a woman, but unfortunately she moved away to attend school.  He is looking to crowdfund some money to cover the costs of[…]

Berlin Transgression

Queer Voices Berlin Transgression

Berlin Transgression is a collection of untold stories of lovelorn queens of Berlin fighting to tear down a new, invisible wall which is the basis of our isolation. The film documents how the transvestite, transgender and transsexual artists struggle between two genders, two identities, two lives. It sheds light on the life of the artists[…]


Rainbow Toastmasters

Recently, I was invited to The SF Rainbow Toastmasters.  It  was a fun-filled evening as members presented and critiqued three speeches.  In addition, there was a round of table topics where members stand up and have 1-2 minutes to offer their best to response to impromptu topics. We sat down with Rainbow Toastmaster, Michael Platania[…]

Cape Town Pride 2016

Cape Town Pride 2016

Cape Town Gay Pride – Cape Town Pride is a 10 Festival to celebrate being Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer or asexual. Cape Town, SA; Feb 19-28, 2016 Cape Town Pride 2016 The annual Cape Town Pride Festival is a celebration of our wonderful diversity, and also creates awareness around issues impacting on the[…]