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What the Different Types of Mental Health Practitioners Mean for You

There are a lot of details to bear in mind when selecting a mental health professional. That having been said, most of us usually don’t think clearly while we’re suffering from a good deal of emotional discomfort, making it difficult to know what things to ask a prospective therapist. LGBT Healthcare and Resources Although the[…]

Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists

You Go First: Why It’s Hard To Start Seeing A Therapist

We all have had personal experience with either being reluctant to go see a therapist ourselves, or living with the frustration involved when someone we love drags his or her feet at the prospect of “getting some help,” as we like to say. What makes it so painfully difficult to reach out for counseling? Bad[…]

Lyon-Martin Health Services Announces Plan to Close Clinic

Lyon-Martin Health Services Announces Plan to Close Clinic

Lyon-Martin Health Services Announces Plan to Close Clinic SAN FRANCISCO– January 25th, 2011- After over 30 years of providing compassionate, respectful health care to women and transgender people, Lyon-Martin Health Services will be closing its doors. The Lyon-Martin Board of Directors announced today that it has become financially impossible to continue operating, and has made[…]

Male Body Image

97-Pound Weakling

Image by Franco Folini via Flickr The 97-Pound Weakling When we consider the icons of American maleness – several images come to mind: the cowboy, the soldier and the sports hero.  Clearly, when considering body image – the athlete represents the definition of the ultimate male specimen. Our current muscular ideal harkens back to a[…]

Lesbian Health

Lesbian Health Needs You!

The Lesbian Health & Research Center at UCSF has accomplished some extraordinary goals this year to advance the health of our community: Hosted a symposium and book party to celebrate the publication of the first textbook for clinicians (and patients!) on Lesbian Health:  Lesbian Health 101:  A Clinician’s Guide, edited by LHRC Founding Directors Suzanne[…]

HIV Testing May Soon Be A Standard Healthcare Test

Many medical experts say that there are not many better ways to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections than to make STD testing and HIV testing more easily available.  Consequently, several groups are calling on state officials to make the process easier to access for everyone. American Academy of HIV Medicine members, for example, recently called on[…]

What if it Were You?

“What if it Were You?” Featured in A&U Magazine HIVictorious is extremely grateful to A&U Magazine for featuring our youth HIV/AIDS poster contest. We’re looking forward to kicking off round 4 on October 25th and 27th. A big thanks to Memorial and Edgewood high schools for participating again. We’ll keep you updated here and on[…]

Latino AIDS Awareness Day

Oct. 15th National Latino AIDS Awareness Day The Latino Commission on AIDS (LCOA), the Hispanic Federation and many other organizations organize this day. Find NLAAD resources at, including posters, graphics, PSAs and themed materials. Press Conference & Town Hall Wednesday, October 13 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm LGBT Center: Ceremonial Room 1800 Market St., SF[…]

HIV Testing Now Available Sooner

In an effort to reduce the number of individuals who are unaware that they are infected with HIV, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the use of a new HIV testing method that is capable of detecting infections days earlier than previous tests. Instead of looking for the antibodies produced by HIV, these[…]

Sharing Sex Toys

Sharing Sex Toys The general rule is simply don’t.  There is a risk of transmitting STD’s.  And while a little soap and water will go along way, we just don’t know how effective that is against Hep C.  So don’t! If you are going to share, throw a condom on it.  Plus, it makes clean[…]