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AIDS Activist - Bob Bowers

One Tough Pirate

One Tough Pirate – Bob Bowers, also known as “Da Pirate,” is a 25-year thriving survivor of HIV/AIDS. Bob is a well respected National youth HIV/AIDS educator in schools and colleges. He is also the Founder and President of HIVictorious, Inc.  Recently, we get a chance to chat with Bob about life, tats and more[…]

Calling Gay Bloggers

Calling Guest Gay Bloggers Here at Seasons of Pride we are always looking for new contributors, if you are a budding or even an experienced writer and are looking for somewhere on the web to showcase your work then why not give us a try. If you have an article that is of interest to[…]

Be proud of every step you take

What have you done today to make you feel proud? “I look into the window of my mind Reflections of the fears I know I’ve left behind I step out of the ordinary I can feel my soul ascending I am on my way Can’t stop me now And you can do the same” I[…]

ACTIVIST: The Times of Vito Russo

Here’s the new documentary about Vito Russo, the famed film historian and ACT-UP activist who succumbed to AIDS in 1990. Russo is best known for his book The Celluloid Closet.  Russo’s concern over how LGBT people were presented in the popular media led him to co-found the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), a[…]

The Killing of Georgie

The song is based on a true-life story of an acquaintance of Rod Stewart, Georgie, who was killed in New York City. Although the lyrics state that Georgie died in 1975, this was for done for rhyming reasons only, his death actually occurring in 1974. Probably the earliest song to deal with a hate crime[…]

Interested in selling to the Gay and Lesbian Community?

If you would like to sell to the gay and lesbian (LGBTQI) communities, we can help. We offer several options – List your product in our store.  We handle marketing, web design, e-commerce and merchant processing.  You handle fulfillment. Same as above including fulfillment.  We carry your products in our warehouse and handle fulfillment. Ready[…]

Did you miss us?

As my husband often says “You were gone?” We went offline late on February 12th, moments after we posted a great interview with “Da Pirate.” You know they say relationships in gay years is like 5 straight years together  – and on the Internet well you can just imagine! The weekend after the site went[…]