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Gay and Lesbian Photography

San Francisco, CA

  • SHH IT’S MEMy name is Shaun, I am a native San Francisco artist whose passions are photography and design. I’d love to work with you. My experience is centered around capturing that elusive spark of emotion in the moment of a person, object  or scene that inspired the viewer take a moment and reflect. The way the world looks through a puddle after a heavy rain, the magnificence of nature, the excitement of night life, urban expanses, portraits of individuals and people participating in social activities. These are some of the many things I love to photograph. Please, enjoy my web site and feel free to call or e-mail me anytime!

SSh its me

  • Stilwell Photography – Mountain View CA – I would really really Love to expand and work LGBT Families, especially being a Lesbian myself :)  I specialize in Children’s Portrait Photography, but also unconventional Head Shots.

Stilwell Photography