Seasons of Pride
A little bit queer – stories from the LGBTQI Community

Lisbon Bear Pride 2014

Lisbon Bear Pride – Lisbon, Portugal An international encounter for bears and friends in the spectacular city of Lisbon. Parties and fun with optional gastronomic and cultural experiences. Lisbon Bear Pride 2014 Quarta/Wednesday 28 16:00 – Welcome, Info and Ticket purchase/collection @ Bar TR3S 22:00 – Welcome Party @ Bar TR3S 02:00 – Welcome Bath[…]

Fierte Ours Bear Pride 2014

Fierte Ours Bear Pride – Paris, France Fierte Ours Bear Pride 2014 FIERTÉ OURS PARIS Le rendez-vous International Bear de Paris proposé par les Ours de Paris l’association bear parisienne. Cet événement se déroule tous les ans durant le week-end de l’Ascension. France’s answer to Europe’s growing number of bear festivals. In the ‘City of[…]

London Bearfest

London Bearfest 2014

Bears all over the world are preparing for a week of furry fun as London’s first ever Bear Festival is announced. The first London Bearfest, a week-long festival celebrating the ever growing international bear scene. Taking place across the capital between 18 – 26 May, it will bring together bears, cubs, otters & admirers from[…]

Bear Essentials 18 Harbour City Bears

Bear Essentials 18 Festival – Bear Essentials is an internationally recognized and respected bear festival organized and delivered by the Harbour City Bears. It brings together the best of our local bear culture and offers it to the world in one of the best cities in the world, Sydney. in 2014 Bear Essentials offers 18[…]


Hot & Heavy Living in the Cave

Gay bear (GB) meets a really nice handsome straight bear (SB) at work… and because SB is really nice (Physical and Personal), and because a bear is a bear, GB falls in love with the SB. SB welcomes the GB’s friendly gestures, however, keeps flirting with women (Ewww). GB realize that there is no way[…]


Hot & Heavy practical advice from two poppa bears

It’s not easy being a bear.  What the hell is a versatile bottom anyway?  Does this bondage wear make me look fat?  How long do I have to wait to call him?  Everyday practical advice from two poppa bears who have seen it, done it and still have the t-shirts to prove it. . .[…]


Gay Bear Blogs

Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My!! It’s all here – magazines, blogs, podcasts and more. If you have a website, blog, listserv or newsgroup that should be included, please e-mail it to us with “suggest link” in the subject line. Gay Bear Blogs Bear-y Gay A subculture of hefty, hirsute gay men is[…]

Phurfest 2013

Phurfest 2013

Phoenix, AZ Phurfest 2013 ‘PHURFEST’ A BEAR GATHERING IN THE PHOENIX SUN Join the Bears of the West for Phurfest ‘Osos De Mayo,’ May 2-6th, 2013. Enjoy fun in the sun, a chance to meet new friends, and explore what Phoenix has to offer. Phoenix Phurfest has been around for 10 years. The theme for[…]

Bear & Leather Calendar

April 2013 Bear & Leather Calendar

Leather titles, Bear and Leather/Fetish Weekends Smokeout 2013– Las Vegas, NV; Apr 4-7, 2013 Drenched Fur 9 – Erie, PA; Apr 4-7, 2013 Beyond Leather V and International Power Exchange – Fort Lauderdale FL; Apr 4-7, 2013 Leather Leadership Conference – Philadelphia, PA; Apr 11-13, 2014 Mr Leather Baden-Wurttemberg – Manhnheim, Germany; Apr 12-14, 2013 Northwest[…]