Iris Prize Festival 2015

Iris Prize Festival 2015

[ October 7, 2015 to October 11, 2015. ] The Iris Prize – The Iris Prize – Cardiff’s International lgbt short film prize supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation is the only short film prize in the world which allows the winner to make a new film. Iris is what film makers need – funding, support and guidance. The Iris Prize is presented annually during […]

SHOUT LGBTQ Film Festival

SHOUT LGBTQ Film Festival

[ August 29, 2015 to August 30, 2015. ] Birmingham SHOUT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival – Birmingham SHOUT is Alabama’s first and only LGBTQ film festival and is proud to support the growing lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, and otherwise queer community in the Magic City, along with providing compelling content for anyone interested in independent films. Birmingham, AL.

SHOUT LGBTQ Film Festival

Alabama’s first and only LGBTQ […]

Provincetown Film Festival 2015

Provincetown Film Festival 2015

[ June 17, 2015 to June 21, 2015. ] Provincetown International Film Festival – The Provincetown Film Society (PFS) is a non-profit dedicated to continuing the founding mission of the Provincetown Art Colony – to provide a welcoming, nurturing and inspiring environment for boundless and authentic creative exploration – in film.
From the time it was founded in 1998 the Society has been committed to serving […]

TranScreen 2015 Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival

[ June 3, 2015 to June 7, 2015. ] TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival  The TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival, for/by transgender people & their allies. TranScreen shows a wide range of transgender themed films and art. Works that dare challenge and engage with our societies’ views on gender and other issues that intersect with transgender experiences such as identity, race, age, ability, nationality […]

Translations Seattle Transgender Film Festival 2015

[ May 7, 2015 to May 10, 2015. ] Translations: The Seattle Transgender Film Festival – is a groundbreaking film festival that provides the Pacific Northwest with a venue for films by, for, and about transgender people and the issues facing the transgender community. Launched in 2006, Translations is one of only a few transgender film festivals in the world, and places emphasis on […]

Queergestreift Filmfestival 2015

[ March 6, 2015 to March 18, 2015. ]  Queergestreift Filmfestival – Get ready for two weeks queer cinema full of glittering glamor, compelling dramas, deep feeling and first class entertainment. Konstanz, Germany.
The Striped Queer Film Festival is a no-budget film festival located in Konstanz, Germany. Up to 12 feature films are shown each year plus a variing number of short films. The festival […]

Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2015

[ April 24, 2015 to May 3, 2015. ] Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – The festival has grown from a 3-day event in which 25 films were presented to the current format of 10 days with 65+ films. The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is an internationally acclaimed event serving as a platform for numerous World Premiers, North American Premiers and […]

Gay International Film Festival and Lesbian Grenoble 2015

[ April 10, 2015 to April 19, 2015. ] VUES D’EN FACE Festival International du Film Gay et Lesbian de Grenoble – Opposite views (Grenoble, France) is an association organized by film festival “Gay International Film Festival and Lesbian Grenoble” (Law 1901). The festival runs for a week each April in Grenoble, France.
Festival du Film Gay et Lesbien de Grenoble (France), Association loi 1901 […]

Reelout Queer Film Festival 2015

[ January 29, 2015 to February 7, 2015. ] Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival in Kingston – Reelout exists to celebrate queer media arts and to contribute to community vitality by programming materials that focus on issues of sexuality, race, culture, religion, class, gender, ability, health and age, thereby purposefully drawing together and initiating challenging dialogue among disparate members of the queer communities […]

Bloomington PRIDE Film Festival 2015

[ January 29, 2015 to January 31, 2015. ] A three-day LGBTQ film and cultural event in Bloomington, Indiana since 2003
Pride: Bloomington’s LGBTQ Film Festival – PRIDE is a Bloomington, IN film festival exploring a wide variety of issues and situations involving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer communities. PRIDE programs a variety of live performance, lecture, public participation events and films that […]