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Folsom Street East 2015

Acceptable Behavior

Many suggest that events like Folsom Street hurt the “gay movement.”  If advancing the gay movement is about adhering to the ideals of others, then count me out.  Here is a old blog post from following Dore Alley that you might enjoy.  Remember, live life on your own terms! Acceptable Behavior This past weekend was[…]

Attend A Free Reading Of The New Screenplay The Bachelors

Attend A Free Reading Of The New Screenplay “The Bachelors”

The Bachelors  by Rick Kinnebrew and Martha Meyer Sunday, January 13, 2 pm,  Piven Theater in  Evanston David Zak of Pride Films and Plays will direct an enhanced staged reading of The Bachelors, a screenplay written by Rick Kinnebrew and Martha Meyer on Sunday, January 13, at 2 pm. This free performance will be at[…]

I Can't Marry You

I Can’t Marry You

Updated 2012 Edition introduced by Zach Wahls! Adam Aronson (Actor), Betty DeGeneres (Actor), Catherine Gray (Director) Narrated by Betty DeGeneres (Ellen’s mother), this thought-provoking documentary examines the controversial issue of gay marriage. Through interviews with 20 gay and lesbian couples, you’ll witness the obstacles they face as they attempt to earn the same marital rights,[…]


That human journalistic flaw

Mark Segal, PGN publisher, is the nation’s most-award-winning commentator in LGBT media. He can be reached at Vice President Biden’s comments about marriage equality were no surprise to me. Why? The night before the president’s statement on same-sex marriage, I was honored to be the keynote speaker at Drexel University’s gay pride celebration. After[…]

SF Pride 2011 087

Gay Marriage vs. Full LGBT Equality

Marriage vs. full LGBT equality at media summit by Mark Segal Each year for the last three years, The Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund of San Francisco has held an LGBT blogger and newspaper summit to increase awareness on issues that need focus. The first year, held at the Desmond Tutu Conference Center in New[…]

RI allows funeral planning rights for gays.

Rhode Island lawmakers override governor’s veto. Rhode Island State Rep David Segal explains how he and his fellow legislators stood up to the Governor’s veto and calls  NOM to task.  It’s clear that people are seeing NOM for what it is. Rhode Island to Buck National Organization for Marriage, Override Veto of Domestic Partner Death[…]

Maine voters say No to Gay Mariage

Over the next couple of days, there will be considerable Monday Morning Quarterbacking of what went wrong in Maine. There will be blame. HRC will undoubtedly ask for money. Perhaps, this will give pause to those who want to bring the issue back to the California voters in 2010. “You can’t put a civil rights[…]

The Diabolical Use of Religion to Encourage Homophobia

“The Diabolical Use of Religion to Encourage Homophobia” – that pretty much sums it up. Honestly, if the religious right really cared about marriage and family – they’d be outlawing divorce.  But that might hit to close to home.  Family values legislators have proven themselves anything but about family values.  The divorce rate in America[…]

Gay on the Blogs

Censoring “Gay” And the keyword “gay” is often listed as “adult” alongside sexually explicit content, even when the LGBT sites are non-sexual education, information and resource organizations. Meanwhile, in some cases, anti-gay sites that encourage … Chapel Hill to host gay travel event Q-Notes – Carolinas … CHAPEL HILL, N.C. Home to the state’s flagship[…]