Video: Either way, it’s gonna be historic

LIST OF EVENTS – (compiled by Rex Wockner) The Prop 8 ruling is coming out on Wednesday, August 4, and rally/celebration events are being organized across California and the United States. To find the event nearest you, continue below and click on the link above. Promo Video: Sean Chapin The following list was compiled[…]

Maine voters say No to Gay Mariage

Over the next couple of days, there will be considerable Monday Morning Quarterbacking of what went wrong in Maine. There will be blame. HRC will undoubtedly ask for money. Perhaps, this will give pause to those who want to bring the issue back to the California voters in 2010. “You can’t put a civil rights[…]

It’s been a big ole gay week!

Obama spoke at HRC, said nice things, which is nice – but seriously – WHEN?  A couple hundred thousand of you Marched on Washington despite Barney Frank’s concern for the grass.  The Prop 8 suit clears its first challenge.  At the very least, LGBT issues are being discussed at the national level! The White House[…]

Sally Kern is off her meds and Sarah Palin resigns

There should be a house landing any moment now . . .   Obama’s Reality On Civil Rights, Gay Rights –     Poverty in the LGBT Community –     During the McCarthyist period 1947 to 1953 more people lost their jobs for being homosexual than for involvement with the Communist party.    7/2/1953 The[…]

Another Week on the Big Ole Gay Cruise Ship of Life

Camp offers ‘a safe haven”-     CA AG Brown again says Prop. 8 should be struck down – Gay pride activists march in Rome, Warsaw, Zagreb –    Gay Resources – The Ultimate Resource for the LGBT Community –    The Uniting American Families Act: from our friends over at Out 4 Immigration I’m sending a long[…]

Isn’t Time for a New Approach?

The credibility of National LGBT organizations is seriously in jeopardy. Despite multi-million campaigns – think Prop 8 – they just aren’t delivering. In the competitive landscape of fundraising, they tend to operate with out consulting one another for risk of exposing one’s donor base. What is more important – raising money or moving equality forward?[…]

Just another week over the f@&# rainbow!

Olson & Boies On Their Prop 8 Suit – LGBT seniors – Out of the closet and nowhere to go Iraqi Militias Step Up Murders Of Gay Men – Uniting American Families Act Advances – Should we wait?: Today, a coalition of LGBT groups warning that a federal lawsuit could set[…]