Supporting Equality Through Financial Empowerment

Our goal is to financially empower the LGBTQI community through employment, entrepreneurship, and commerce.  And we need your help.  First and foremost, know where you spend your hard earned Queer dollars.  Do the companies you buy from support equal rights for all? Or do they promotes discrimination by calling it Religious Freedom? Do they support diversity in the workplace? Do they promote gender equality? There is tremendous power in how we spend our money.

Buy LGBTQ and support your local community.  Yeah, I get that it maybe cheaper on Amazon, but if you want to continue to see queer bookstores and other mom and mom businesses – you have to support them. Queer businesses support Queer causes – it’s that simple. And they need you.

Get involved.  Support local legislators who support equality. Demand procurement opportunities for certified LGBTQI businesses. Organize, protest, boycott – whatever it takes – because we have no intention of going back into the closet.

Seasons of Pride supports diversity in the workplace through free QUEER jobs listings and free directories – gay and lesbian businesses, LGBTQ Freelancers and Rainbow Travel – for the Queer Community.



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Queer Voices – Linda Riley
Queer Voices – Linda Riley
July 16, 2017
Trying to write a bio for Linda Riley requires footnotes.  She's been there and done it all! One of only two British directors of US based LGBT campaign group GLAAD, and a former adviser to
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Housing Discrimination LGBTQ Know Your Rights
June 30, 2017
Stay Informed: What to Do When Homeowners Discriminate Like all things, society evolves. Many things that were unfairly seen as “taboo” a few decades ago are now perfectly legal and gene
Pulse Orlando Benefit Album
Pulse Orlando Benefit Album
June 24, 2017
At the one-year mark of a day that shall live in infamy, Centaur Entertainment released one of the most important benefit albums ever created – the Official Pulse Orlando Gay Days Benefit Al


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