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5 Badass Companies Celebrating Diversity

With Pride Month upon us, it is an important time to take notice of the ways our communities and the people around us are making things more inclusive. It can sometimes be hard to find places that make us all, no matter our shape, size, color, sexual orientation, or gender, feel like we belong. However, there are quite a few companies out there aiming to do just that and change the way people are represented, especially in the fashion and beauty industries. Places that have previously been dominated by the all-too-familiar, traditionally beautiful white women, are now being diversified in a way we haven’t seen before and it is incredibly exciting. These companies who are breaking the mold and killing the game when it comes to inclusivity and representation in the industry!

5 Badass Companies Celebrating Diversity

True & Co. |

True & Co. is a company by women, for women whose mission goal is for “all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin.” True aims to create bras for all bodies, regardless of shapes, sizes, or colors and makes some of the most comfortable products I have ever worn. There are options for everyone including bras with frills and no frills, lift and no lift, as well as plus size bras. Their bras and undies come in colors like Dulce, Mink, Bronzed, Cinnamon, and Charcoal, steering away from words like nude that many companies archaically still employ to represent the color of naked skin. The empowering company also offers a scholarship called “The Future is Female” for young women entering college as well as “The Runway Program” that helps women re-enter the workforce who have taken time off for a long period of time. True and Co. truly aims to create an atmosphere where women can feel comfortable being themselves while both looking and feeling their best.


Milk Makeup | 

Milk is a company based on the notion that “beauty means inclusivity”. Milk creates beautiful, bright products for every gender identity, sexuality, color, race, and personality. “We celebrate beauty for everyone,” their mission states. The company is also 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Talk about a triple threat. In their latest campaign Milk Makeup has teamed up with The Center, an LGBTQ+ resource center in downtown Manhattan. The new “Glitter = _____.” campaign features a limited-edition Pride Pack that is full of the glitter and bright colors I love as well as their new Glitter Stick which is a rainbow-hued, glitter highlighter made with mango butter and both coconut and avocado oils that I want to roll all over my face. 50% of the profits from this campaign and its products go directly to The Center and the models are all members of the “Pride Family” at Milk Makeup, even featuring models directly from The Center itself. The models represent members from every corner of the LGBTQ+ community who sparkle their way into our hearts. Milk Makeup uses their platform to make sure that anyone and everyone is included in their quest for the perfect look, no matter what that look may be.

Calvin Klein |

Calvin Klein operates on their mission to be a “cultural catalyst across the globe by embracing tension, sparking ideas, and creating unforeseen realities.” They “believe in a culture that provokes discovery and brave thinking,” and “embodies authenticity and embraces individuality.” It is easy to see these things through their constant reevaluation of how they are portraying the world around them through their models and campaigns. Their models include people of color, powerful women, and both traditional and non-traditional beauty. In their latest fragrance release, the company reflects on the fluidity of gender and sexuality in the world today by adding another Unisex Perfume/Cologne to their repertoire called CK All. The fragrance aims to be gender-free, “embracing how millennials explore their relationships, friendships, and sexualities.”

Chromat |


Chromat says it all in their mission statement that explains the company as being “architectural swim and athletic wear designed for strong, powerful women, femmes, and non-binary #ChromatBABES.” The company makes a point of consistently featuring models of all ages, genders, sizes, races, and sexual orientations on the runway. Their fall 2018 show is taking this a step further and looking to include models that form an extremely body-positive cast from all backgrounds and walks of life, even including some Cheeto munching models strutting down the runway and making me both jealous and hungry. Their focus on empowering a diverse and inclusive group of women, femmes, and non-binary identifying people makes them a revolutionary company that is changing the standard for inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Wildfang |

The creators of Wildfang identify themselves as “female robin-hoods” who are raiding men’s closets and “maniacally” stealing their styles. The “badass women” at Wildfang are on a mission to spark a revolution stripping the need for gender roles to play a part in fashion. The company is female-founded and run on the idea that traditional men’s clothing can be just as successful in the realm of women’s clothing. Founders Emma Mcilroy and Julia Parsley “eat, sleep, and breathe fashion and feminism” and it shows in the work they do every day. Not only do they create amazing pieces that I wish were floating around in my closet right now, but they also have donated more than $75,000 to charities including Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Joyful Heart, and the Tegan and Sara foundation. Wildfang’s clothes are for anyone and everyone and aim to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for their customers.

It is so important to feel included in the world around us. These badass companies are doing an amazing job of creating diversity and awareness with their work. Hopefully, they will inspire other companies to follow suit and do the same!

5 Badass Companies Celebrating Diversity


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