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Lesbian Matchmaking Service

Dr. Frankie of Little Gay Book, LLC is a matchmaker who focuses exclusively on finding love for singles in the Lesbian community. She holds a Doctorate in the field of Psychology and is an expert in the field of human behavior and matching, with years of experience. Little Gay Book Throughout Dr. Frankie's life people have referred to her as an "old soul." She has a gifted sense of intuition and emotional intelligence. She was drawn to the field of psychology so she could reach out to others who were searching for a better way of life. Dr. Frankie has specialized in working with the LGBT community, and specifically with couples and individuals with relational difficulties. After nine years of clinical experience Dr. Frankie sought a less formal and more…
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NGLCC Certifies 1,000+ LGBTBEs

After 15 years of NGLCC advocating for LGBT business owners and guiding the largest companies in the world towards more inclusive supplier diversity, they've hit one of their biggest milestones yet: 1000 certified LGBT Business Enterprises® (LGBTBEs). When we started on this journey, we hoped to make a difference in the LGBT business community and to stand up for the often overlooked LGBT business owner. With over 1000 LGBT businesses certified as LGBTBEs, we have incontrovertible proof that we are not the only ones committed to this vision. Our businesses are essential to the economic health of this country - adding over $1.7 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy and creating tens of thousands of new jobs. We are thriving in every sector and in every corner of the nation because of your commitment, innovation,…
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Talking Dating with Dr Frankie

Recently, we caught up with lesbian matchmaker extraordinaire - Dr Frankie of Little Gay Book Tell us a little bit about your background and how you became a matchmaker. I grew up in a large Jewish family in Manhattan.  I had many wonderful relationships with my extended family including my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.  From an early age I treasured these relationships and valued the time we spent together.  I have always been a people person and as I became older my interest in human behavior expanded.  After I received my undergraduate degree from Northeastern University I took the plunge and moved to California to pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. After about ten years of clinical practice I really felt the pull to branch out and use…
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Resources for the LGBT community

Seasons of Pride provides resources for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, queer, intersexed (LGBTQI) community. Resources for the LGBT community [box] Our mission is to help educate and support all members of the LGBTQI community, especially the LGBTQI Business Community, in all aspects of business, marketing and finance and to provide tools, data, and resources to enhance business knowledge, networking, deal-making, marketing, and other day to day business activities.[/box] AdvocacyArts & Entertainment Choruses GAY Film Festivals LGBT Film Festival Calendar Asian Bears Gay Bear Resources Leather Bear Calendar Black Community Centers Employee Groups Family & Parenting Gay Parenting Resource Queer Youth – Children of Queer Parents Hate Crimes Hot Lines GAY Youth LGBT Hotlines International Jobs Latino Leather Gay Leather Organizations Leather Bear Calendar Leather Title Holders Marriage Equality…
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Support Gay Businesses

Just how powerful is the gay dollar? America’s LGBT 2013 Buying Power Estimated at $830 Billion - Witeck Communications, Inc. LGBT Adults Strongly Prefer Brands That Support Causes Important to Them and that also Offer Equal Workplace Benefits – Harris Interactive LGBT Tourism Breaks Through USD $200 Billion in Annual Spending – World Travel Market, Nov 2013 There are approximately 9 million LGBT Americans, a figure roughly equivalent to the population of New Jersey. The Williams Institute, Apr 2011 LGBT Parenting in the United States – As many as six million American children and adults have an LGBT parent. – The Williams Institute, February 2013 Gay Business | Gay Jobs | Gay Travel | LGBT Freelancers  Support Gay Businesses We have amazing buying power. We can throw it away, or we can harness…
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