I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours

Seasons of Pride offers a completely free link exchange resource to theLGBT community. We encourage legitimate reciprocal links and are building the world’s largest LGBT directory of the highest quality gay and gay friendly websites.

Categories include –

Community- LGBT (GAY) Resources
Pride Calendar
ADVOCACY – Groups working hard to advance LGBT issues
Gay Directories
Gay Family & Parenting
Gay Friendly Travel
Gay Hotlines
Gay (LGBT) Media
International Gay Resources
LGBT Chambers of Commerce
LGBT Film Festivals
Marriage Equality

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It’s real simple! Once you’ve placed a link on your site just drop us an email and let us know the exact page where the link is located.

You receive increased search engine ranking by increasing the number of inbound links to your site. What this means is that when someone does a search and your site would have ranked equal to some other sites, your site will rank higher than a non-linked site.

Relevant Incoming Links – The number of other sites that link to your site’s pages is important but the quality of those sites, and the text used in the link, carries much more weight with the search engines. For example, a link from a bear site to a bear site is considered more relevant than when a mortgage company links to a bear site – the search engine doesn’t get the connection. One relevant link from an “authority” site provides more value than several links from unrelated or “unproven” sites.

For us to provide the benefits mentioned above, you must place our link on your site. The link must be on a page that is accessible from your home page. The link must be on a gay (LGBT) site and function properly.

Notice: Do to the overwhelming misuse of link exchange, we do not promote, accept or display sites that engage in, are affiliated with or promote free-for-all links or banners, link farms, or other type of automated linking. We firmly believe that the purpose of link exchange is to connect high quality content rich resources; therefore we do not accept sites that primarily consist of affiliates and/or have no real content.