Selling to the Gay and Lesbian Community

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When you go to traditional shopping venues, do you find the quality and quantity of products suitable for your needs? We don’t.

When shopping or surfing the web, we are often frustrated with limited resources appropriate to the unique situations faced by LGBTQI consumers.

Selling to the Gay and Lesbian Community

  • America’s LGBT 2013 Buying Power Estimated at $830 Billion – Witeck Communications, Inc.

Selling to the Gay and Lesbian Community

In our experience, most of traditional venues do not address the unique needs of  LGBT consumers. And the gay and lesbian shopping options, on the other hand, do not offer the breadth of product selections likely offered by mainstream establishments. We recognize  the need for an outlet that combines both sensibilities in a way that would appeal to the gay and lesbian consumer.  Thus, we have created Seasons of Pride.

Through a community approach, we believe that we will be able to provide advertisers and suppliers with unparalleled access to the LGBT consumers. In return, the LGBT consumer will have informed content and even greater access to wider range of products and services. We will be able to offer our users unprecedented access to specialized shopping and travel products and services.

Interested in selling to the Gay and Lesbian Community?

If you would like to sell to the gay and lesbian (LGBTQI) communities, we can help.

  • Ready for your own web-store? – we can build it for you.  Online solutions starting at $29 a month.
  • Need content and articles for your site – we can write SEO optimized content targeting LGBT consumers.
  • Confused about Social Media – will guide you through the in and outs of Twitter @BestGay Deals, Facebook, Google+ GayBiz and more.

Seasons of Pride Deals offers an unique opportunity to show your clients and employees that your company supports the gay community. The site is visited by LGBTQ visitors from all around the world and offers your company the opportunity to promote your product or service to the LGBT community when they are searching for Gay Pride Events or other LGBT Friendly resources. Just a few ideas and benefits to your company when offering deals through Seasons of Pride:

  • Direct access to the gay market
  • Brand/product/service awareness
  • Image creation
  • Product introduction
  • Identification with gay lifestyle
  • Product sales
  • Gay community relations

Contact us today about building an advertising campaign that meets your desired reach and budget. Ad rates below are a one-time amount that cover either the full 3, 6 or 12 months online, depending on the selected package.

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