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It was just one of those days. My laptop has been threatening to die for awhile, and today was finally the day. I’ve been working in the cloud for awhile, so this wasn’t a traumatic event — but not without its challenges.

I couldn’t remember a login to the Q – The Network and for some god forsaken reason, I chose some made up email that I never use or could remember. An hour or so later, I figured out the twisted thought process and thus the email in question to be able to finally log in.

Celebrating Queer Film

Today, I finished updating the LGBTQ Film Festival calendar through the end of the year.



Sadly, many fall festivals have yet to announce dates.

If you know a festival we’ve missed or dates, drop a line at info@seasonsofpride.com

Tomorrow we will be updating September 2017 Pride events.

As always — there are daily queer news items and LGBTQ job postings.

Celebrating Queer Film

Seasons of Pride is pleased to present the Gay Pride or LGBTQ Pride Calendar for 2017.  You will find Gay Pride events, LGBT Film Festivals, and the Gay Travel Events like Gay Ski Weeks. We do our best to try and keep up with all the events, but sometimes we miss one or two.

If your event is not listed, just drop us an email to info@seasonsofpride.com

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2017 Pride Calendar

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