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Gay Bear BlogsGay Bear Blogs

Bear-y Gay

A subculture of hefty, hirsute gay men is attracting the attention of academics and social critics.

LA Times: February 4, 2007

“Oh, by the way, in addition to 19th century American literature, I work on bear studies.”

The interlocutors were perplexed. “Bear studies?” one asked. “Do you mean bears in literature — say, William Faulkner’s story ‘The Bear’ ?” Someone else suggested “Winnie the Pooh” — perhaps the candidate worked on children’s literature?

Studying Bears

by Andrew Sullivan

The Atlantic Online, January 6, 2007

My own view is that the minute you start taking bear culture too seriously, you’ve lost it. It’s fun and unpretentious and easy-going. And slovenly masculinity has always been integral to male homosexuality; it has just often been eclipsed by heterosexual obsession with gender-nonconformism among homosexuals.

The End Of Bear Week

by Andrew Sullivan

The Daily Dish, July 14, 2007

“What’s it about? In part a celebration of mature masculinity – untweaked, unshaven, full-bellied masculinity. Simultaneously, it’s an attempt to subvert a little of that masculinity. The atmosphere is almost aggressively gentle, good-humored, accepting, and friendly. These are not men trying to impress anyone, nor trying to throw their considerable weight around. Mostly over forty, these men are not traumatized by having a gut or some flab. They’re not afraid that back-hair tumbles over their collar. They’re not afraid to embrace their sexual orientation as fully as their gender.  . .”

Bear Blogs

Get the latest and greatest from the Bear Blogging Community . . .

A deaf (furry) gay writer and filmmaker!

Raymond Luczak’s work is available as books and DVDs. Check it out!

Bearly Edible is a recipe, entertaining and kitchen tips blog. The explosion of blogs and social networking sites has taken the internet to a new dimension over the past few years. It only seemed fitting that there be a community for gay bearish men who love to cook and entertain. The contributors of this site identify themselves as members and friends of the bear community. We are looking for bears who love to cook to contribute to this blog.

Bear Talk

A Palm Spring’s bear’s blog.


Young bear eats in West Hollywood

Chubarama, your source for pictures and videos of chubby men from around the world!




Crobear – the only bear in the village

Daddy Drinks Because You Cry

Dave White Knows

Davids Daily Dramas

I’m just a 40 something guy living in the fabulous seaside city of Brighton. Welsh by birth, Brightonian by choice.Trying to get through life with a song and a smile.

Dead Robot

The space between gay and straight, stupid and smart.

Grin And Bear It

My life summed up in a few sentences. Well not my entire life, but some snippets from it.

Içimdeki Ayi

A turkish (with a little english) blog about bears and much more. If you love bear art and wanna know what is going around the world – you are at the right place. News, Events and Articles…

Joe. My. God

KY Bear Fuzz

Love Paw

Bear is better

Life Is Such A Sweet Insanity

The life of two gay bears living in Upstate N.Y.

Mass Bay Bears

Oregon Bear 9
erotic gay stories for bears and other hirsute creatures

Scots N’ Kilts

Spunk Daddy’s Beard

The Bear Hug

Tommy’s Howls

Radio and Podcasts

Bear Podcast

Online radio show hosted by the goofy and fantastic Nard. The Nard keeps you abreast of all the latest going on in the Bear Community and frequently has guests. Tune in to hear the Nard and occasional co-host Excalibear rant and rave about every aspect of being a bear.

Cubs Out Loud

Magazines and Internet

100 Percent Beef


The original source of hairy men!

Bear With Me

Bruin’s comic series that follows Ben, Forrest, Mo, and their friends . . .

Becoming Blizzard

Is a comic series that follows Blizzard and his pals . . .

I am bear, hear me roar

Andrew Sullivan’s article

INSIDE Bear Magazine


Gay Bear Blogs

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