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Like your men on the beefy, furry side? We got you covered. Check here for local bear clubs and see what upcoming events they are hosting.  It’s a great way to meet your fellow bears.

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Seasons of Pride provides the bear and leather communities this calendar of leather/BDSM and bear events for your twisted travels.  Join us at Haus of BDSM for all your twisted needs…

Gay Bears Groups and Organizations
Viking Bears of Stockholm, Sweden

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Bear Clubs and Organization

Harbour City Bears – We run weekly social events, produce a monthly newsletter, regular dance parties such as Chunky and Bear Pit; as well as our two annual festivals – Bear Essentials (February) & Bear Pride (August). Harbour City Bears also drives community campaigns and fundraising initiatives to benefit the LGBTIQ community. Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia

Heart of Texas Bears – Bears are variously defined as furry, cuddly, beefy, masculine, bearded, sexy, hairy, muscular… the list goes on. However you define “Bear,” the HOT Bears welcome you to come play in our den! Austin, TX

Inland Empire Bears Group – Welcome my fellow bears, cubs, and admirers. This group is dedicated to all of you who want to have a place to meet new people, advertise your events, post your charity events and maybe rekindle some old friendships. This group is an attitude free group and will be welcoming for all. Sub bear groups also welcome, for example; pups, leather, chubby, sisters, drag etc. San Bernardino, California

Junction City Teddy Bears – The JCTB’s are a gay men’s social group serving the Flint Hills community of Kansas. Membership is open to bears and their admirers. Kansas

Last Frontier Men’s Club – Established in 1993, The Last Frontier Men’s Club is a non-profit social club. As an organization, The Last Frontier Men’s Club provides bears, leathermen, cowboys, (their respective admirers), and other masculine Alaskan gay and bisexual men with the opportunity to meet and enjoy time together in a variety of environments and social situations. We strive to provide a safe atmosphere for singles and couples to socialize regularly, where all members treat each other with respect. Although The Last Frontier Men’s Club is a members-only club, people from all aspects of the community are encouraged and welcome to attend any function that the club presents. Each year the club sponsors Mr. Bear Alaska at the International Bear Rendezvous in San Francisco and Mr. Alaska Leather at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago. We have also awarded titles for Alaska Bear Cub, Mr. Alaska Levi, Alaska Leather Boy & Ms. Alaska Leather. Title holders are chosen yearly during our Arctic Heat Weekend, generally in late February. Anchorage, Alaska

Leipzig Bären – Leipzig Bears are a group of gay men from Leipzig and the surrounding area. A beard, body hair and a stocky figure can be external features of a bear. But that’s not all, and not all Leipzig bears look “bearded”. But what unites all who come to our meetings is the predilection for bearded, hairy men and the desire for a society of men who have preserved their naturalness. Leipzig, Germany

Liberty Bears – A fun social and fundraising organization for Bears, Otters, Cubs, Muscle Bears and their admirers in the Philadelphia Tri-State area and beyond. Philadelphia, PA

Lone Star BearsThe Lone Star Bears are a social group for gay men. We are an “inclusive” group open to all bears, cubs, chubs, chasers, and all men who consider themselves to be bears, and men who admire bears. We welcome all gay men who want to share in the spirit of brotherhood no matter their ethnicity, race, nationality, or physical description. The Lone Star Bears accept and respect all our bear brothers, and we welcome them with open arms and a big bear hug. Dalla, TX

LOOKOUT BEARS – There are millions of definitions of what a “Bear” is. For some, it is the size of a man, the hair on a man, the attitude of a man, the masculinity of a man, etc. We will not attempt to provide another. There is one common thread to most definitions – Diversity. Bear organizations across the world are typically known as the most accepting of the gay subcultures to diversity among the many attributes of gay life. Our club will strive to continue that tradition. Chattanooga, TN

ManBears Manchester – Social group and organizers of the Great British Bear Bash and Pre-HiBEARnation. Manchester, UK

Mass Bay Bears – The purpose of the Mass Bears and Cubs is a social organization dedicated to Brotherhood, Community, and Camaraderie. Our focus is to provide an inclusive gay community in Boston & New England through a charitable and Social event. Provincetown, MA

Midwest Bearpack – The Midwest Bearpack is the longest-running existing Bear club in Indiana. Since it’s inception in 1996 it has provided its members and friends with activities and events that are safe, fun and engaging. While our home is in Indianapolis, our members can be found in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Michigan. However, we also have members in Florida and Hawaii, so you’ll never know where you’ll run into one us! Indianapolis, IN

Moscow Bears – the initiator of the following bearish events in Moscow: Bear Wednesdays in the VODA SPA sauna (weekly every Wednesday) and The Moscow Bath Medecessor in the VODA SPA sauna is a great event every last Saturday of the month. Moscow, Russia –

Motor City Bears – We are the Motor City Bears. A gay male, social and fundraising activity group for Bears and admirers, established in 1994. We are based in the Metro Detroit area, yet our memberships reach far beyond the local area. Our club motto is: “Fun, Fur and Friends”. We meet several times a month for various activities. Many times over 100 events per year. We are also active fundraisers for GLBT related charities in our local community. Detroit, MI

NetherBears Netherbears Amsterdam is a social club where hairy and bearded men and their friends can meet each other informally. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nordic Bears – Norway Bears (Den Norske Bamseklubben) seeks to provide a setting in which gay men of all ages can meet, establish social networks, enjoy each other’s company, and have fun together. Oslo, Norway.

North Country Bears – The North Country Bears is a no-frills organization, we have no membership dues, all events are simply pay-as-you-go. Just regular monthly events and good times, a place to meet, make friends, and play with the kind of men you like to be around! That is what The North Country Bears are all about! Minneapolis, MN

Northeast Ursamen – The Northeast Ursamen is a non-political, gay fraternal organization that exists to provide bears and their admirers with opportunities to meet and enjoy time together in a variety of safe and fun social events. So you think you’re a bear? Do you like bears? Good – you’ve come to the right place! Hartford, CT

Northwest Bears – Northwest Bears, one of the first organized bear clubs, was founded in the fall of 1990.  The kickoff event was a potluck, which took place at a local bar and attracted over 100 men. Seattle, WA

OREGON BEARS – Oregon Bears, Inc. is a fraternal and social organization committed to fun and fundraising. Although essentially a “Bear” club, the Oregon Bears has always been inclusive and welcomes individuals of all colors, shapes, and sizes and from all walks of life. As a club, we routinely organize events and activities to provide social enjoyment and camaraderie to our membership and the GLBTQ community. Whenever appropriate, our events may double as fundraisers for local LGBTQ charities. Portland, OR

Palm Springs Bears – Palm Springs, CA

Provincetown Bears – Provincetown Bears hosts 9 days and nights of pool parties, beach outings, dance parties and leather events. We work with local club managers to program different music and an atmosphere for a week of parties. We also allow time to relax and have a true vacation. Our events leave plenty of free time to enjoy the town, restaurants, cabaret shows, National Seashore park, beaches, and the daily gatherings at hotel pool decks. Provincetown activitiesBear Week schedule. Provincetown, MA

Renegade Bears of San Antonio – Renegade Bears of San Antonio is a non -profit, social organization. We are interested in friendship and communication. The goal is to create a light-hearted social atmosphere based on friendship, loyalty, and mutual respect. We want to create a circle of friends interested in movies, dinner, social events near and far, and giving back to our diverse community. Fundraising and mutual cooperation with all of the various clubs in the area is also something we are very much looking forward to. San Antonio, TX

Rocket City Bears – The Rocket City Bears is a social organization serving Huntsville and northern Alabama. It was created to bring together people who are bears, bear friends, or bear admirers for friendship, fellowship, and shared common interests. Its purpose is to sponsor and promote social and recreational activities for its members.  Huntsville, Alabama

Sacramento Valley Bears – The Sacramento Valley Bears is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for men 21 or over that provides bears and bear admirers with the opportunity to meet and socialize.  The Sacramento Valley Bears organization was formed in 1993 out of a need for men of a common mind to develop lasting friendships within their community. Sacramento, CA

Sandia Bears – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Show Me Bears – Thank you for your interest in our club. While our activities are laid back and fun, we keep a pretty busy calendar with lots of opportunities for members to get involved. Each year we host several high profile events to raise money for local charities, promote interest in bears and have a good time (see HiBearNation and Mr. Heartland Bear, to name a few). St Louis, MO

South Bay Bears – The South Bay Bears is a social group for Bears and their friends in the South San Francisco Bay Area. Santa Clara, CA

Southern Bears – Welcome to Southern Bears! The southern Bears was formed in 1993 by a group of hairy and masculine guys who thought themselves to not fit in with the normal gay groups. The southern Bears was formed to give the bear community a place to call their own and a means to socialize in an accepting environment. It gives all the opportunity to fellowship as members of an organized group of men. Southern Bears meet every second Saturday of the month at The Atlanta Eagle. The meeting is at 8 pm and our Bar night starts at 10 Pm where we tend bar and sell Jello shooters. Atlanta, GA

Spreebären Berlin – The Spreebären meet every Thursday starting at 8:00 pm. for their bar night. This meeting is held at the bar “Der neue Oldtimer” (during the warmer months) or at the bar “Prinzknecht.” Berlin, Germany

Tampa Bay Bears – Tampa Bay Bears is a social and networking group for gay bears and their friends. Tampa Bay, FL

Trinity River Bears – The Trinity River Bears is a social organization providing bears and bear admirers a chance to meet and enjoy time together in a variety of environments. Fort Worth, TX

Utah Bears – Utah Bears Inc holds several events through the year for bears, chasers, and fellow friends. We stay connected and supportive of our members and community with weekly, monthly and yearly social events. Come join the fun and enjoy a little time meeting some new furry friendly friends. Salt Lake City, UT


Viking Bears – We are an association for powerful, slender, trained, hairy, smooth, bearded and crazy guys and men of all ages seeking equality. Our goal is to warmly welcome you. Stockholm, Sweden

Virginia Mountain Bears – The Virginia Mountain Bears is a group of gay hairy men, their admirers and supporters who are dedicated to brotherhood and unity. Founded in January of 2006 in Roanoke, VA

Gay Bears Groups and Organizations

Bear Clubs A-E | Bear Clubs F-Z

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