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A number of destinations around the world promote themselves as “gay-friendly”. Typically, these are cities known for welcoming cultural diversity, such as San Francisco and Berlin. Gay travel has seen remarkable changes and growth in the past decade.

LGBT tourism globally has been valued at $202 billion during 2014, based on 2013 expenditures as measured by the world’s largest LGBT research study “LGBT2020″ – World Travel Market, May 2014

“You’ve come along way, baby!”

Gay Friendly Travel

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Berlin, Germany

Germany’s capital has a long history of gay-friendly advocacy. With the roaring twenties came clubs, bars and the opening of The Institute for Sexology, which fought against sexual-orientation discrimination using scientific claims. Although pushed underground with the rise of Nazi Germany, the city reemerged and now boasts the third largest gay population in Europe (after London and Amsterdam) and celebrated the movement’s 100th anniversary in 1997.

Over the years, numerous Berlin leaders were rumored to be gay, including Frederick the Great, Heinrich von Kleist, and Alexander von Humboldt. Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit is gay. Having come from obscurity to prominence in just two years, he is one of the most famous openly gay politicians in the world.

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San Francisco, CA

One of America’s “Gayest” cities awaits you – from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Historic Castro Theatre to The Lone Star Saloon.  San Francisco offers a diverse offering of fabulous restaurants and eateries, unique retail stores you won’t find anywhere else in the world and probably the only Starbuck’s in the world commonly referred to as “Starbears.”

Thanks to the support of groups like the Bears of San Francisco, we are proud to the “gay friendliest” city.  We are also honored to be the home of the fist publicly traded LGBT Corporation – Planet Out (NYSE:LGBT).  We recently celebrated the third year anniversary of Mayor Newson’s decision to grant the right marriage to all.  And trust us when we say that fight is far from over.

Enkidu – Explore Mexico City from Behind

Mexico City, Mexico

This is a forum for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender -travelers to Mexico City. Enkidu Cultural Center organises several activities and services for international visitors, including personal guides and accomodation in gay friendly households.

Enkidu es un servicio de noticias con sede en Ciudad de México y Frankfurt, aborda temas como política internacional, derechos humanos, salud, religión, cultura, sociedad y numerosos tópicos de interés para las diversidades con artículos y ensayos tanto en Español como en Inglés.

Gay Curacao

This official gay-website has been developed to showcase the island being a gay friendly destination. It is a unique and in-depth resource for the gay traveler looking for a little help in navigating the island and knowing where to stay and what to do and see.

Gay Friendly Canada

Welcome. In Canada, the LGBT community can explore, relax, celebrate and love. So whether you’re up for an evening of sheer indulgence or a fun-filled outdoor adventure, the choice is yours. If you want to discover or re-acquaint yourself with our vibrant cities, go right ahead. If you’d rather get lost in the delicate brushstrokes of a Group of Seven masterpiece, you can do that as well. So, pack your curiosity and come on over. Nothing is holding you back here.

Gay Romandie (Swiss)

Gay Russia – Moscow

Only a decade ago Russian gays were reduced to underground, our love did not dare to speak its name. Perestroika has made changes in our country possible. Russian gays threw off the yoke of Soviet-time constraints, the homosexuality has been decriminalized, and general attitudes have become more tolerant. It was Gay.Ru that brought together Russian gays giving them a sense of unity. Having become the leading gay task force in Russia and the most comprehensive web-site on all queer issues in Russia and the former USSR, Gay.Ru sets new horizons aiming to integrate and to share our experience with the International Rainbow Community.

Go Gay West Hollywood

Since its incorporation in 1984, the City of West Hollywood has continued to be recognized as a leading community in gay and lesbian rights.

Mexico City

Gay Mexico City is Coming of Age

Global Gay and Lesbian Tourism is booming and now the city authorities of Mexico City have finally discovered the growing importance of this market segment. Matt Skallerud, President of IGLTA ((International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association), was in Mexico last week, signing an agreement (a “Strategic Alliance”) with Alejandra Barrales, Minister of Tourism in the Federal District (Mexico City). IGLTA is the world’s leading travel trade association committed gay and lesbian tourism and Lars Ivar Owesen-Lein Borge, general director of Enkidu Magazine have interviewed Matt Skallerud about Mexico City as a gay-friendly destination and the future of the Pink Market in general.

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My Switzerland – Gay

Switzerland is a cosmopolitan nation with a vibrant gay and lesbian community – indeed, the people recently voted to have gay and lesbian partnership registered.

Out in Alaska

See bears, bald eagles, whales, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Take a scenic flight over the glaciers of Mt. McKinley, North America’s tallest peak! Take a breath-taking day cruise and stay in remote lodges—All this in a fun atmosphere created by knowledgeable local gay and lesbian guides!

TOGS – Gay Johannesburg

Travel Gay Canada

Canada has been recognized as one of the most progressive and inviting countries in the world, a country that protects gay and lesbian rights, and where same-sex couples can legally marry. Built on acceptance, Canada is a country that embraces, encourages, and supports diversity.

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The Fire Island of the Midwest

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