Leather Title Holders

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How important are leather titles and contests?

Leather Title Holders
IML 2015

We asked our readers about leather title holders and contests. Many felt the system was outdated and simply for “Sash Queens” – but a few reminded us of what these events bring to the community. We’d love to hear your thoughts –

  • Contests bring men with common interests together. In a world where a lot of the Old Guard is departed, and where cyberspace has begun to substitute for real-time meetings, the only way to keep the leather scene active and vital is by facilitating events that people will want to attend;
  • Contests are socially responsible, in that they raise a lot of money for worthwhile causes–such as AIDS research, feeding and housing the poor and indigent, and similar pursuits.
  • Contests and Title Holders can be a very positive focus to help build the community.
  • Contests give an unbelievable opportunity to those that step up for education, personal growth and self re-evaluation.
  • Good title holders are the new leaders in the community – Step up and go for it, yes it is intimidating and you may get nervous, but it is always worth it.

Leather Title Holders

8 thoughts on “Leather Title Holders

  1. You missed Mr. Michigan Leather in your listing of titles. I only mention it because the current IML is also Mr. Michigan Leather

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