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Seasons of Pride provides resources for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, queer, intersexed (LGBTQI) community.

There are many excellent resources on the Internet that aim to foster positive experiences for the LGBT community.  From support resources for youth to family and friends, these online resources promote the treatment of equality and acceptance for the LGBT community.

LGBT Resources

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Resources for the LGBT community

Our goal is to provide the highest quality solutions and a sense of community – either via content, services or products – to the LGBT community, which are helpful, inclusive and respectful of individuals for who they are.

The content of this project is created by and for you. Talk to us! Want to add some info – either create a new page or update an existing one. See something that is wrong? Put away your red pen; just drop us a note – no drama!

Our mission is to help educate and support all members of the LGBT community, especially the LGBT Business Community, in all aspects of business, marketing and finance and to provide tools, data, and resources to enhance business knowledge, networking, deal-making, marketing, and other day to day business activities.

We believe the best path to equality is financial empowerment.

Seasons of Pride supports diversity in the workplace through free LGBT jobs listings and free directories for gay and lesbian businesses and a LGBT Freelancers for the Queer Community.

Building Pride through LGBT Business

Every day, we hear stories of businesses that refuse to sell to the LGBT community claiming it somehow violates their Religious Freedom. And we think that is a good thing.  Why? Because I want to know if I am spending my hard earned dollars in a business that discriminates against my community. I appreciate them telling me they oppose marriage equality or gender equality – because I can go spend my money someplace that supports equal rights.

LGBT owned independent businesses return a percentage of each dollar you spend back to our community. For example, bear businesses put that dollar back into the community through bear runs, bear media, and contributions to local non-profit organizations and political organizations.

LGBT Resources