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Transgender people in crisis should contact The Trevor Project’s 24/7 Lifeline at 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386), Trevor Chat, the Trevor Projects’ online messaging service, or The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Transgender Programs at LGBT Organizations

Transgender resources for youth and their families

Handouts from the Transgender Health Information Program:

The VCH Transgender Health Information Program has a website with many resources for transgender services for patients and professionals. Here are a few of their handouts pertinent to trans youth:

Suggested Reading/Viewing:


General trans info

glbtq: an encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & queer culture: Spotlight on transgender issues.

interview on glbtq enyclopedia about deconstructing gender.

HRC (Human Rights Campaign) on trans issues: the HRC may not have the best track record when it comes to trans, it does have nice resources such as Trangender Americans: A Handbook for Understanding and the Coming Out as Transgender Guide.

Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide: on hormones, surgery, hairstyles, clothes, “passing”…

I AM: Trans People Speak is a campaign created by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) and sponsored by GLAAD to raise awareness about the diversity of transgender communities. It lifts the voices of transgender individuals, as well as their families, friends, and allies.

Primed: safer intimacy guide for queer transmen and their partners (mature content; not safe for school or work).

The full “Injustice at Every Turn” report, with breakdowns by race and ethnicity. “Injustice at Every Turn” is a survey of over 6,400 transgender people detailing the discrimination faced by this community.

The Trans 100, sponsored by GLAAD, is a list of 100 amazing and inspiring trans Americans who are visible within their communities.

Transman mapping project: “If you’ve ever had that feeling of being alone in your transition, a quick look at the map will show you otherwise. We really are everywhere! –Gender Outlaw

TSER, Trans Student Equality Resources, provides trans*-related information on school issues and supports efforts for creating policy change in school districts.

Vancouver Coastal Health’s resources for trans people, family and friends: tons of pdf booklets about trans youth, advocacy, hormone therapy, surgery, and diverse health issues. I found the trans youth booklet to be especially useful: it explains in a clear, complete way how it feels to be trans, plus tips on coming out and transitioning.

We Happy Trans is a website devoted to sharing positive stories from trans people everywhere.

Yay genderform!: list of almost 1000 gender terms; create your own unique, complex gender!

For people who are questioning their gender

Trans Living at Youth Resource: for questioning, genderqueer and transgender youth.

I think I might be transgender; now what do I do?

For cisgender (non-trans) people

PFLAG’s TNET: The organization Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has a Transgender Network with articles and online brochures such as “Our trans children” (Spanish edition here).

GenderPalooza! A Sex & Gender Primer from Scarleteen (”sex ed for the real world”).

Suggested Rules for Non-Trans People Writing about Trans.


Beyond Masculinity – essays by queer men on gender & politics

Queer zines: list of several trans and gender-related zines.


GQ: “a stencil portrait series honoring genderqueer individuals who have shaped the ‘female masculinity’ landscape”.

Visual artist Del Lagrace Volcano’s portfolio.

Genderfork (curator blog)explores androgyny and gender variance through artistic photography. Now it’s also a nice community for discussing androgyny, fluidity and genderqueer.

Transformational Project by photographer Jen Rosenstein. Beautiful portraits of transpeople.

Eve Fowler’s portraits of gender-diverse people.

Sociological Images (Seeing is Believing): briefly-commented media images that represent cultural attitudes towards different subjects; for instance, the construction of gender, transgender, sexual orientation and intersex.

The Transgender Book Project includes pictures of trans individuals alongside handwritten texts where they talk about their identities.


Wrong Bathroom: hilarious yet realistic account of gender-diverse people’s restroom troubles.

Gender Rebel: documentary about three female-born genderqueer people, one of whom is physically transitioning.

Transgender Basics: nice introduction to the gender binary (and alternatives to it), transmen, transwomen, and genderqueers.

LGBtotheT AtoZ is an alphabetical collection of short videos narrating “biographies, pivotal historic moments and critical contemporary issues facing the trans community”. They’re pretty shallow, in my opinion, but good for a quick intro to new subjects. For instance, I hadn’t ever heard of the Dewey’s Lunch Counter protest, a trans protest that happened years before the Stonewall riots.


The Cliks: great rock band with a superhot transman singer, Lucas Silveira.

Gender Talk: radio talk show about gender and trans issues. Available for online listening or download.

Gender Blender: radio show on transgender and gender in general.


Andrea Gibson: Genderqueer poet. She slams about queer gender in Swingset (”are you a boy or a girl?”) and Andrew.


Gender theorizing

Below the Belt: deconstructing gender, one kick to the groin at a time.

Genderkid – Thoughts on gender from an Argentinian transboy’s perspective.

Sugarbutch: the sex, gender and relationship adventures of a kinky queer butch top.

By/about trans and gender-diverse people

A Gender Agenda Blog: Gender rights are human rights.

Being a teenage crossdresser: Wearing a skirt has never been so difficult…

Gender 3.0: A San Francisco trans dyke’s tales of life in and beyond the gender binary. (no longer updated)

Gender Outlaw: FTM transition journal.

gender, rants and sodomy: an eighteen year old, queer identified, tranny fag.

Labels Are For Jars: blog by a mother who doesn’t force societal gender norms onto her boy.

Tboy Jacky: Just another FTM chronicle

TRANS∙pose: Gender identity, transition, and sexuality through the eyes of a queer, genderqueer living in Los Angeles. (no longer updated)

Gay, lesbian, queer

Lesbian Dad is a personal essay/photography blog about parenthood generally, and lesbian parenthood in particular, with especial attention to the experiences of non-birth and/or butch mums and the many larger questions our unique kind of parenthood opens up.

Queers United: The activist blog Uniting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersexual, Asexual community & Allies in the fight for equality.


blue milk: thinking + motherhood = feminist

Kate Bornstein: Blog for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws

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