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Supporting LGBTQI YouthLast year, the number of LGBTQI youth celebrating Thanksgiving at Sylvia’s Place doubled to nearly 60. Youth who have stayed at Sylvia’s Place in the past are welcomed back with open arms and current residents get to share in the love of a Sylvia’s Place holiday celebration for the very first time.

Our Thanksgiving probably sounds a lot like yours. The cooking starts on Monday and doesn’t end until the last pie comes out of the oven on Thanksgiving afternoon. When youth arrive, they write down what they’re thankful for and post it on our blessings board. Youth and staff eat, laugh, and catch up with one another. And, in the last two years–thanks to the generous donation of a Nintendo Wii–everyone plays Just Dance after the meal in order to work off a little bit of the food!!

These Thanksgiving traditions are a way to provide stability and love to LGBTQI youth who don’t have supportive families to go home to. It’s a blessing for us to be able to extend that same love 365 days a year, as we have for the past 14 years. This Thanksgiving, consider making a gift to support our holiday celebration and the daily work of MCCNY Charities to make sure that none of our youth feels alone or unwanted. When you do, we’ll add your first name to our blessings board on Thanksgiving Day, so that we can hold you in our hearts as we give thanks.

Thank you for your generosity and happy holidays from everyone at MCCNY Charities!

Homeless Youth Services

MCCNY Homeless Youth Services: Sylvia’s Place is the starting point for New York City’s LGBTQI youth in crisis. Integrating case management with mental health services while stressing the unique strengths and potential of each youth, MCCNY Homeless Youth Services has developed a proven method for serving LGBTQI youth in crisis. This method has been modeled by service providers across the country and around the world.

MCCNY Homeless Youth Services is committed to turning the short time (up to 90 days) that youth spend as residents into a time of growth, safety and opportunity. MCCNY Homeless Youth
Services provides:

• Emergency overnight services
• Connections to long-term housing
• Case management
• Advocacy groups
• Showers
• Hot meals

Youth who come to MCCNY Homeless Youth Services often arrive in the city with dreams of Chelsea, but find the immediate help they need in Hell’s Kitchen. Many of these youth have histories of abuse, and most have experienced discrimination or violence at mainstream shelters. MCCNY Homeless Youth Services is one of the only shelters in the city that accepts youth directly off the street, without a referral. MCCNY Homeless Youth Services prioritizes the most underserved LGBTQI youth, including transgender and intersex youth, youth experiencing trauma, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

For more information about MCCNY Homeless Youth Services or to refer an LGBTQI youth in crisis, contact Christopher Collazo, MCCNY Homeless Youth Services Prevention Associate.

Supporting LGBTQI Youth

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